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of our revenues are allocated to funding mental wellness programs in high schools.



Social media addiction, pandemics, wars and uncertainty about the future are creating a new form of anxiety, no longer related to performances but generalized and identity-related, which characterizes Gen Z.

A society that promotes individualism and competition, that tries to hide or erase mistakes and pain instead of hearing and accepting them, can only increase the problem.

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These mental struggles mostly develop during school years, when expectations and sufferings start, of which unfortunately too little is being said about. Parents, teachers and institutions are struggling to listen, whereas only by talking about it and addressing the problem one can somewhat accept it. This is the reason why we decided to invest 1% of our revenues on mental wellness programs in high schools.


In 2023, Dhaze supported high school projects promoted by Progetto Itaca, donating 1% of revenues to the Foundation. The collaboration will continue in 2024, with the aim of continuing to contribute to the important cause of raising awareness among young people about mental health.

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